How to Start a Blog: Part 2 – Indiegogo Crowdfunding

I should probably explain that you don’t have to go down the crowdfunding route when you start a blog. You could quite easily maintain a free blog or even invest some of your own money into it.

For me though, crowdfunding is the best possible way to create the blog in my vision. I’ll explain why in a little while but first I think I should paint you a picture of what the vision is.

The Future of Smart Dummy for Hire

So what is the big vision for Smart Dummy?

In a nutshell, I want startups, small businesses writers and other bloggers to use Smart Dummy as a valuable resource for their own venture. This should be a one stop shop for experts to share their wisdom and newbies to showcase their talents, all at the same time.

I’d like to get other respected bloggers and influencers to share their stories and ideas here as well as reserving a space for up and coming writers to tell the world what they have to offer.

I want to help people take their ideas and blow them up into something that they can make a living from.

Why do I want to do that? Because I wanted somebody to do that for me. I wanted to be given a chance to prove what I can do. My clients give me that chance every time they hire me and thanks to them, I’ve gained so much experience that I feel like I’m finally able to start giving something back.

Smart Dummy for Hire will bring people of all skill levels together with a common purpose to be seen and heard.

The Indiegogo Campaign

Now you know my vision, I’ll explain why a crowdfunding campaign was the best option for me to achieve this goal.

  • Funding – At the beginning of the five-figure blog challenge, I vowed that I wouldn’t use any of my regular income gained from the clients of ‘original me’. This is partly because it wouldn’t suit the nature of the challenge, and partly because there is never anything left over.
  • Time – Some might argue that I could bide my time and work at slowly increasing my following and of course they’re right. But the whole point of this blog is firstly to complete the five-figure blog challenge which states that I achieve a five-figure blog in just a few months. That means that I have to gather momentum fast which will undoubtedly mean at least some paid advertising. The sooner I get this underway the better.

I’m hoping to work on social media networking over the course of the month and then if my Indiegogo goal is achieved, I will be able to implement paid advertising methods for the beginning of February.

For those who are able to help, I’ve promised to use my writing skills to improve your blogs, websites and businesses.

Let’s Support Each Other 

If you’re reading this and you think you can make a contribution then that’s truly amazing. Just pop along to my Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page to find out about the rewards I’m offering my investors.

If you can’t contribute money, that’s more than OK. But I’d love it if you could take the ten seconds to share this post, my campaign page or the video interview on YouTube.

Thank you all so much for the support I’ve already received. I already feel so blessed.

Smart Dummy