Productive Social Media Faffing

social-media-faffingI haven’t been on my social media profiles for two days! Am I already slacking?

Well at the start of the week I came out with all guns blazing for the Smart Dummy for Hire blog. I’m getting a few referrals and some lovely organic traffic which is always nice.

Inexplicably, this week seems to have exploded for ‘original me’ too. I’ve had a couple of inquiries and a follow up with a lead from just before New Year. So, just like buses – I’ve had a ton of work all at once after a very peaceful couple of weeks.

Has my social media suffered?

At the moment – no. But that’s because my profiles are still so new and I haven’t built them up yet. Which is why…. I’ve decided to spend this weekend doing some top quality, highly productive social media faffing.

Which means…?

I’ll be concentrating on putting my name out there on the social networks by:

  • Joining groups on Google+ and LinkedIn – These are great places to get advice and talk to people who you have a common interest with.  Because I’m not using any of my contacts from ‘original me’ I think this will be the easiest way for me to introduce myself to people.
  • Commenting on absolutely everything I have an opinion on – This includes blogs, status updates and any other statement that I can find on the internet. This isn’t (just) because I’m an opinionated so and so – it’s so that I can try to engage with people as well as share some of my smarts.
  • Asking questions about things – Remember, you don’t have to be a know it all to succeed. Asking questions gets you just as much  exposure as commenting and sharing advice. But if you ask questions, then it means that you’re probably somewhere that you wouldn’t normally go. That means new contacts, getting your name out there and learning something new. Triple whammy!
  • Get involved with more discussions on Facebook –  I’m having to adjust the way I search for pages on Facebook. I’ve decided to find companies I like on Google and then look for their Facebook page. This is because Google seems to have a better idea of what I’m looking for than Facebook.

Swift Snip

This is just a swift snip of a post today. I’ll be concentrating on the rest of my goals for the week too. I’m already glad I wrote it down!

Have you had a productive week? What happens if you get to the weekend and you need to catch up with things? Are you a list person or do you just go with the flow? Let me know in the comments. Let’s start a conversation!

Be safe and have a very merry Friday night!

Smart Dummy 🙂