Image from Carol's Country Sunshine on Facebook

Image from Carol’s Country Sunshine on Facebook

Why on earth would anybody market themselves as a dummy? Well first of all I’m not anyone and I’m not marketing myself as a dummy. I’m a Smart Dummy. But what’s the difference? Glad you asked!

What makes me a Dummy

Why am I a dummy? Like I already said, I’m not a dummy per se but when you think about the “something or other for dummies” guides, I would definitely be classed as a dummy. Those people are marketing to me and millions of others because we’re the dummies. On that particular subject at least.

I don’t know about a lot of things and I love to find a good “how to” guide. In fact, I spend more time reading authority blogs on subjects I’m interested in than anything else. Even Facebook. Well sort of.

Anyway, when it comes to certain things, I’m a dummy. But when it comes to other things, I’m definitely smart.

What makes me Smart

I’m smart about a lot of things:

  • I know how to connect with people through writing.

  • I can follow directions easily.

  • I’ve written for people all over the world and helped them make their businesses successful.

  • I can cook brilliant yorkshire puddings.

  • I’m great at multi-tasking.

  • I can talk nonsense to my friends non-stop for hours at a time without any problem at all (I know this doesn’t make me smart but I think it’s a skill so there :p)

But what makes me really smart is that I know I’m a dummy about some things. And I know that I can be smart about those things too if I’m willing to learn, and driven enough to see things through.

The Five-Figure Blog Challenge

As a freelance writer, I’m constantly reading other people’s blogs. As well as a bucket load of inspiration, I get to  learn from the people that have been in my position and moved forward. More importantly, some of them are kind enough to share their “how to” tips with dummies like me.

Making money online isn’t a new thing at all. But my skill and understanding of content marketing, SEO, social media marketing has grown. Now I’m at the point where I believe that this kind of challenge is more within reach for me.

After reading some brilliant posts from the likes of Blog Tyrant and ViperChill I felt extremely motivated to make some money for myself as well as my clients.

I’m going to attempt to make a five-figure blog in a matter of months.

And I’ll document my success and failures along the way so that you can hopefully do the same (or better).

I’ll use my smarts to learn how to implement essential tools and techniques that I’m a bit of a dummy with (at the moment) #smartdummy. Over the course of 2014 I’ll:

  • Find good, factual information online that acts as a how to guide for me, the dummy.

  • Use the actionable tips.

  • Write a blog post about how I used the advice and how it’s working out for me.

I’ll also be using the stuff I already know about to draw in a bigger crowd and hopefully learn how to develop my awesomeness. In the mean time, you get to see those actionable tips in action without doing a single thing. you can find out more about the five-figure blog challenge here.

So then. Happy browsing and here’s to making money online from advice found online!

What about You?

Have you set any challenges for yourself for the year ahead? Or maybe you want to share your challenge and the results from last year? Tell me about it below….


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