What to Do with a Brand New Blog: Part 1


Yay! The five-figure blog challenge is underway and we are hot-to-trot!

So as this is my first post (yay again!) I’ll keep it fairly short and sweet. Later in the week I’ll put several posts up about:

  • How I came to get the idea of starting the challenge from one of my newest and favorite bloggers.
  • Who my favorite writers are and why I think you’ll love them too.
  • Details of how I put together the Smart Dummy for Hire blog.

But for now, I’m going to discuss my goals for the week ahead (or the remainder of it at least).

Why Set Goals?

This whole blog challenge relies on me hitting a target. But to hit that one target of creating a five-figure blog in a few months, I’m going to have to focus on reaching smaller objectives along the way. That means weekly and maybe even daily goals.

This Week’s Goals

For the launch of Smart Dummy for Hire,  my biggest goal was to get the blog live. So last night when I achieved this goal, I did a little happy dance. I also vowed to set up brand new social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Another round of applause please as I’ve done all of that too (I know, we’re all thinking it – this woman is awesome).

For the rest of this week though I would like to:

  • Find and follow 200 people on social media sites to connect with. I’ve already decided to do this manually by typing in keywords such as #smallbiz #entrepreneur #solopreneur and then playing around with the results I get. We’re talking about personally targeted social media.
  • Get at least 20 likes, +1’s and followers for each site. this might seem like a small number but I don’t like failure so I’m going to start small and work my way to the top.
  • Write and post at least another 3 valuable blog entries.


If you read my page about the blog challenge and know a little more about the ‘original me’ then you’ll know that I’m creating and running Smart Dummy for Hire around my time schedule for my clients and family.

Today I have a busy day on with my work so I’ll be visiting the blog again later tonight to tweak it and faff as I always do.

So for now, it’s goodbye. But why not tell me a little bit about how you decide to structure your blogging hours? I’ll look forward to checking the comments later.

Have a good one people, big love from the Smart Dummy.


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